Monday, 23 November 2009


Hey sorry it has been a few weeks since i have updated my blogg i have been really really busy.

firstly i would just like to say how amazing bradford was (the animation was) the city meh not so nice XD

I cant think of anything better than waking up and watch9ing animations all day till late at night XD

anyway on to things i have been creating :)

2D walk.

This was great fun to make even tho i did take me ages and lots of re drawing for it to be looking the way it does XD

however im still not happy with it the sholder is all wrong and it makes the character look all weird :( i guess considering im a compleat noobie when it comes to animation i think it will give me alot of things to work on :)

practice makes perfect :)
Just a quick thing before Bradford :)

everything is great i'm loving the course however i am really really struggling with the history side of things. no matter how much i read and no matter how hard i try it just dosent sit with me :(

i think i might go and talk to my teacher or Andy and see what i can do.

also i need to go see the dyslexia assessment people and see if i can get any more help with reading ect...

i have a lot to do this week GAH!

Friday, 23 October 2009


this week we were only set 1 project and that was to animate a 3D cube.

here is the final thing :)

this was alot of fun and not as hard as i thought it would initially be :)

other works i have done this week.
This is my first ever CG Painted image :)
it took me a while to do considering i suck at photoshop XD

but anyway this is my on character Dai Holster hes the other protagonist in my manga KEI1159

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

3D animation

Ok so this week has just started and George set us 2 tasks to compleat by next week using Maya.

i got so stuck it was unbelivable, but after about 2 hours of painstaking reading through notes i think i got it :)

so here are my animations (first ever 3D animation)

Friday, 9 October 2009

My first ever animation

This was so much fun to make :)
this is my first animation i have ever done besides flip books :)

im quite happy with it, hopefully i can re do it with a higher res cam and colour it digitaly :) this is my own character from my comic book.

please have a look at my devinatart account.

(my first 12 frame stop motion animation)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

hey guys first entry :)

hey firstly im sorry for my spell ect.
this is my first Blog of many to come, ill keep this short but i thought i might tell you what im going to be using this for.
well this is my Uni blog so this wont be full of rants about rubish ect. i will only discuss my art work and life in uni on this blog :)
hopefully i will set one up for all my other rants ect :)
oooh and please check out my deviantart account to see some of my art work. But please note i havent updated it in agesssssss XD
right bye!