Wednesday, 26 January 2011

im finding myself stuck

over the last few days i have decided to sit down and start sketching out designs for characters, however i am finding myself stuck in this rut were i cant seem to get my ideas down on the paper or come up with the right setting.

i think what im going to have to do is talk to kathy or derek for more advice about my choises :/

Monday, 24 January 2011

Pre production Update

After doing alot of my reserch last week i thought over the weekend what kind of style i want to work in. after browsing some amazing people i found tis one vidieo that inspired me alot.

i love the way pascal Campion thinks also the way he comes up with his images is just mind blowing :)

this week im going to just spend it working on designs for characters.

another person who i found is Simon Lochie. check him out :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pre-Production starts

This term we have started off with a rarther excting project, Pre production!
this is the area i want to get into professionaly after i have finsihed uni so i am very excited about this term.

we had to choose 4 cards randomly each card had a sepesific theme. afrter we picked 4 of them we have to work to thoses cards.
The cards read.

i got
BaroqueChildren's illustrations
Live at the Apollo theatre

I have hardly any experience when it comes to childrens illustration so im going to give it my best shot :)

i have looked at some childrens illustrators and some of the names that have stood out at me are:

Karen Craig

Andy J Smith

Gris Grimly

Friday, 7 January 2011


many things have happened already in 2011 my cat betty who has been missing for 8 months is finally home :D
this are looking good for 2011 i have many things planed im getting my mac on Tuesday :P which means i can work from home aswell as in uni :D:D

anyway better get back home to pack and look after the cats :)

see ya