Monday, 31 October 2011

Mother and Farther of Box Boy, i will post coloured versions when they are done ^^

Sunday, 30 October 2011

So over the Last few weeks i have been busy working on some new characters for te Box Boy animation. i have found it tricky designing side characters ect but the characters that i have designed i am very happy with ^^

with just under a week left before the pitches i still have to finish tweeking characters as well as the story and finish painting a background.

I have several background that I have penciled but i dont think i will have time to fully colour them. However if my animation does get picked i will carry on working on them over the Christmas break.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


ok so here are some character sheets that i have created for the development of Box Boy.

over the past 4 or 5 days I got a bad cold, i kept on trying to work as much as i could but I needed to rest up. however im feeling much better after some time resting and working at a pace that I felt was best and over all im happy with the work Iam producing.

throughout the remaining time we have left i have to create a wow image and finish colouring the background images i have created as well as the bus. I have also produced colour character sheets for the side characters but in as i am writing this, blogger isn't uploading them.

i shall when i get a chance

after some feedback from Derek I have decided to change a few sections regarding the story, so over the next week I shall continue to re work the script until I am fully happy with it.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

BOX BOY animation

Over the summer i worked on many ideas regarding my third year work.
i developed some storyboards for one of them but as the production went on i felt my enthusiasm regarding the animation to be falling.
i had also been working on a idea for a graphic novel called Box Boy. after i worked on a rough idea for the comic i thought it might also work as an animation.

after some encouragement from friends and teachers i have decided that i am going to go ahead with the Box Boy animation.

i have created some designs for the main character as well and the rest of the cast but as i am still figuring out a colour palette i will post them when they are done.

As many of you know, my strongest points in relation to animation is Pre-production. backgrounds, storyboards, character design ect. In relation to actual animation i am not so confident.

Over the summer, i have taken some time to practice some short animations with no relevance to Box Boy, but only to get used to Toon Boom.

however at the beging of the third year i started working on some other animation shorts. practising distance and explosions. Even though box boy wont have explosions or speech, I decided to try out a character mouth movement.

this is the main character, and my first Box Boy animation.

Anime is a big inspiration to me, growing up i went to a boarding school where most of the students were Japanese, Chinese or Korean every time they would come back a new cartoon would be shown. it wasent until i was about 13 when i found out what these cartoons were called. i started drawing in a similar way copying my favorite cartoon characters or superheros
i always wanted to show everyone that i can do the same. I feel that since i have been on the corse new styles and new ideas have poped into my head. i still want the same things but i also want to make them my own.

not mimicking someone else's work. Anime films have inspired me as well as many independent animators. here are a few that keep my creative juices flowing.
^^ i always love to look for new ways to change my style but yet keep it my own. i hope that the final product of Box Boy will be one that i can finally be proud of!