Tuesday, 18 May 2010


This week i have been back to Malta.. (great timing darrien -_-') my mother booked this holiday about a year ago due to the fact that its my cousins wedding :)
it is the first time i have been to Malta in 15 years and i got to meet my farther i havent seen him in 12 years so it was a big deal for me. i also got to meet my brothers and sisters for the first time :D

im really angry that i have had a week off when i know my team mates have been working their butts off on our old man animation. im really worried that im falling behind with work and stuff :(
i have kept myself busy working on sketches for about a hour a day but i don't want to fall behind and get kicked out of the group. i feel that they are all going to be off with me when i get back and i dont want them to because there all really awesome ^^

pluss im a complete noob when it comes to flash and i don't want to hold anyone behind because the deadline is coming up D: i think over the summer holidays im going to work work work!!!

animation is one of the most important things in my life i really love it ^^ but im still a novice when it comes to animating im ok when it comes to drawing and colour just timing is a big problem and the programs are hard too.
however on a more positive note me and my gf broke up :D so i can now focus on work and friends!

thus giving me more time to work my real job and time to work on my course :)

i really cant wait till next September i cant wait to live with my best friends!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Work Update

over the past 2 weeks i have been really busy wworking on our group project.
i have been the conspet artist, working my butt of to produce the consept of the streets and settings were the animation will be ill post some images up for you to have a google at :)#