Monday, 21 February 2011


Just a quick update, im currently working on my final pitch for wednesday :/
so much work! but at the same time its very fun haha

im new to painter so im sorry if they look abit...weird im trying to get used to painter for the crew project more than anything.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sailor :D

over the past few days i have been working in my sketchbook on many different designs.
many of them are of sirens but im still not 100% happy with what siren designs im going to use.
i thought i will design a few sailors for the crowd. here is one of them :)
it was scanned in at 300 DPI and coloured in Painter.

im still getting used to painter D:
view in small mode please the full view is distorted.
need to change my save settings :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

quick update

over the last week or so i have been knucling down to some work mainly reserch but i have managed to do a few doodles.

i drew this and coloured on painter X however this style isnt the style im going for its to anime like and i want to step away from anime all together fo
r this project.

also i have been messing around with some stages drawn on photoshop. i have been trying to go for a flat look on
this piece.

this stage isnt completed i have to add more detail/ shad
ing but my photohop trial has now run out i must get hold of a copy D:

i have been looking at Pascal Campion for backgrounds as well as cartoons like Fosters Home For Imagery Friends. I fe
el that the Backgrounds could work really well on this project.