Sunday, 18 July 2010

life part 1

My life is full of ups and downs... not knowing what im going to be doing with myself. i have a beautiful girl freind great family and lovely freinds.

however we have lots a big part in my famliy's life. our kitten betty, shes been missing for about a week now and we dont know were she has gone.

as far as animation...? nothing i have been too busy with work at the resteraunt and working on my upcoming manga. its almost done :D i have filled up about 2 more scetchbooks full of doodles and consepts. but i do plan to do some more animations but due to the fact my laptop is utter crap i feel like i wont be able to do much work on it D:

however i have sorted out my student loans and i should rly start working on my DSA forms that way i imght be able to get a MAC :)

anyway im sorry i havent updated this in agesss but i will every week or so :)

Ja Ne