Friday, 27 August 2010

Hello baby.

You kept your blogger signed in on my laptop, and I was about to blog when I noticed it was on yours...
anyway, I miss you loads. even though you've just left my house.. i still miss you. Your laugh, your smile, your hyperness in the mornings, your touch, your smell. I just miss you and everything about you. I'm sorry for all the shit that's been going on lately, and I'm glad we've been honest with each other now and said things that needed to be said and sorted out.
I just want to say how amazing you are, and how madly and deeply I'm in love with you. Everytime I see you I fall a little bit harder & it's getting harder and harder to say goodbye when we have to leave each other. :(
I'm so happy that I'm with you, and I want us to stop arguing and getting angry at things now please. Because I love you, and I feel physically sick when I think about me losing you. I love you, I love everything about you.
Lots of love, your girlfriend..
Dominique Frances Sharp.

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  1. hahaha Whilst sweet, i think you just sent this message to most people on his course and also his lecturers :D