Monday, 29 November 2010


OK so we are almost there! Xmas break isnto too far away and everyone is busy working to get their work done good luck to all :D

Ok so i have now finnished my experimental!
heres the final thing :D

Over the past few weeks we have all be working on our experimental animations. for my experimental project i used cut ous inspired by Russian Constructivism. While i was in college i was hugely influenced by Russian Constructivism with their great use of shapes and angels this influenced me greatly in my college work and now i have done this project im happy that i could use constructivism as a focused point again.
During the project i had many ups and downs i encountered many problems e.g. the dope sheets, i didn't have a clue how to produce a dope sheet so this was hard. after about 4 days of development from my ideas to choosing the audio and then Finlay creating the dope sheet.
after doing several tests i thought about doing something completely different, after i spoke to Kathy she said that maby this wasn't the kind of animation that is suited for me and that this "wasn't me" i took her advice and i did about 30 seconds worth of animation to the same dope sheet however when i went to export it the images were all messed up and Monkey Jam wouldn't convert them so i was stuck. after that problem i decided to go back and Re do my first idea and that is my final animation.
after i created the animation and i added the audio i noticed that the timing was off and this really made me feel low. I guess it was because i messed up the dope sheet, i think that next time i do something like this i will have to understand dope sheets more and get an understanding about how they work. I am happy with the final out come alot of work went into it and i think the final outcome looks inspired by Russian Constructivism.
If i could do the project again i would double check the dope sheets gain and again until the timing is right and i would possibly try another form of animation like Kathy suggested. Like i said i had fun doing this im not 100% sure if it works however i was experimenting and it was alot of fun.

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